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Degree Holders

Name Surname Thesis Title Guide Name Guide Surname Bombay University Result Bombay University Result dt
R.P. Thatte Measurements of cosmic Ray Intensity of High Altitude H.J. Bhabha 1950
A.S. Apte Investigation in the Meson Field H.J. Bhabha 1952
Surya Prakash Generalised wave equation (solution of certain types of differential equation which are generalised of usual waved equations H.J. Bhabha 1953
K.K. Gupta Determination of decay energy of electron-capturing isotopes H.J. Bhabha 1954
B.V. Sreekantan Experimental investigation on the nature & interaction of cosmic ray particles underground H.J. Bhabha 1955
G.S. Gokhale Studies in cosmic radiation High altitude intensity measurements at 3 zeroN (mag) and 19 zeroN in India. H.J. Bhabha 1955
D. Sankaranarayana Studies in cosmic Rays (Theoretical). H.J. Bhabha 1959
L.S. Kothari Thermal Neutron Scattering in solids and Liquids K.S. Singwi 1959
V.P. Duggal Neutron slowing donw attenuation in different moderators R. Ramanna 1959
R.K. Gupta Determination of Decay Energy of Electron capturing isotopes B.V. Thosar 1959
D. Lal Investigations of Nuclear Interaction produced by Cosmic Rays B. Peters 1960
M.C. Joshi Measurement of internal conversion coeffcients and Energy Levels of Some Nuclei B.V. Thosar 1961
Rama Investigations on the cosmic Ray produced Radio Isotopes Bo, p33 and S35 M.G.K. Menon 1961
R. Vijayaraghavan Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Study of some solids & Liquds S.S. Dharmatti 1962
P.V.S. Rao Cathode Ray Tube display of digital computer outputs S.S. Dharmatti 1962
H.G. Devare Beta-ray spectrometer and other studies of the decay schemes of some Radioactive Isotopes B.V. Thosar 1962
B.N. Subbarao Experimental studies of some medium ODD-A Nuclei B.V. Thosar 1963
P.V. Ramana Murthy Intensity Measurements of cosmic Rays deep underground (2,000 ft.) using Plastic Scintillator and G.M. counters. M.G.K. Menon 1963
V.K. Balasubrahmanyam Charge spectrum of Primary cosmic radiation (High altitude Measurements in the Intensity of cosmic Rays.) M.G.K. Menon 1963
G. Govil Studies in High Resolution NMR: Nuclear spin-spin interaction and their application. S.S. Dharmatti 1964
R.P. Sharma Investigation of some Nuclear energy Levels Internal conversion coefficients and shapes of Beta spectra B.V. Thosar 1964
Girish Chandra Nuclear Energy Levels & angular distribution of Gamma Radiation from Nuclei. B.V. Thosar 1964
N. Durgaprasad The Chemical Composition of the Primary Cosmic Ray Nuclei of chareg Z3 R.R. Daniel 1964
P.K. Kunte Diretional Intensities of Primary Cosmic Rays near the Equator G.S. Gokhale 1964 02/09/1964
C.V.K. Baba Nuclear spectroscopic studies of the Radioactive Nuclei Ba140, Pr144, Pm 148m,Eu148, Eu150, Eu152m, Eu154 and Tm. S.K. Bhattacherjee 1965
P.K. Malhotra A study of High energy interaction using Nuclear Emulsions. R.R. Daniel 1965
D.L.R. Setty Nuclear Magnetic Resonance studies in Sodium Alloys. S.S. Dharmatti 1965
B.K. Chatterjee Studies on N-component of Extensive air showers B.V. Sreekantan 1965
C. Badrinathan Study of some Low Energy Nuclear Reaction with the TIFR cascade Generator E. Kondaish 1965
K.P. Gopinathan Nuclear spectroscopy Studiesof some ODD-a Nuclei in the near deformed region B.V. Thosar 1966 09/10/1966
S.N. Ganguli Study of hyperfragments produced in High Energy Interaction of Pions & Protons with Emulsion Nuclei M.S. Swami 1966 10/07/1966
B. Vijayalakshmi Nuclear Interaction produced by Cosmic Ray Particles of High Energy R.R. Daniel 1966 09/09/1966
V. Sarawathi Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies in Solids B.V. Thosar 1966
P.G. Shukla Primary Cosmic Radiation and its Interaction with Atomic Nuclei R.R. Daniel 1966
P. Babu Some investigation on the symmetries of strongly interacting particles B.M. Udgaonkar 1966
M.R. Das ESR studies on organic Free Radicals S.S. & J. Dharmatti & Shanker 1966
S.H. Davare Study of the nuclear levels of some ODD-A Isotopes of antimony and Iodine B.V. Thosar 1966
D.P. Roy A phenomenoiogical study of some high energy inelastic Processes B.M. Udgaonkar 1966 21/10/1966
Y.K. Agarwal Measurementof Magnetic moments of excited Nuclear States and Nuclear structure Studies S.K. Bhattacherjee 1967 09/02/1967
M.V.Srinivasa Rao Studies on the Muon Component of Extensive Air showers B.V. Sreekantan 1967 17/05/1967
V.Udata Shankar Rao Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in Alloys B.V. Thosar 1967 23/11/1967
G.T. Murthy High Energy Nuclear Active Particles in Extensive Air Showers B.V. Sreekantan 1967
K.A. Neelakantan Solar Modulation of Low Energy Galactic Cosmic Ray R.R. Daniel 1967 25/04/1967
T.N. Rengarajan A Studyof Particle Production at High energies Y. Pal 1967 23/03/1967
N. Bhandari Studies of physical processes occurring in the astmosphere based on the rarionuclides of natural and artificial origin D. Lal 1967 16/03/1967
S.L. Kusumgar Geochronology of the Palaeoclimatic Events of the late Cenozeic Period in the Kashmir Valley D. Lal 0
V. Radhakrishnan Some Theoretical Investigations in superconductivity with particular reference to Transition elements K.K. Gupta 1967 13/02/1967
S.K. Basu Study of a Flow-graph model of programming languages B.V. Thosar 1967 01/06/1967
M.R. Gunye Quadrupole Plus Pairing Force for deformed Nuclei K.K. Gupta 1967 07/03/1967
P.N. Tandon Measurement of 'g' factors of excited states of nuclei B.V. Thosar 1968 10/05/1968
P.G. Nair E.S.R.Studies in solids M.G.K. Menon 1968 11/11/1968
S.V. Damle Measurements of Ratio He3/He3 + He4 in the Primary cosmic Radiation at the Relativistic energies M.G.K. Menon 1968 04/12/1968
N.P. Sastry Mossbauer Effect in solids KFe3 and Co57 in Indium B.V. Thosar 1968 13/05/1968
M.H. Gokhale Effets of Viscosity and Electrical conductivity on the stability of a liquid Model of hard core pinch B.M. Udgaonkar 1968 12/08/1968
N. Sreenivasan Low energy Cosmic ray Nuclei Ray Nuclei of Charge Z 2 and their path lengths in space S. Biswas 1968 18/07/1968
A.A. Rangwala Some Investigation on the strong and intermediate couplings theories of elemeentary Particles B.M. Udgaonkar 1968 12/08/1968
V.S. Narasimham A Study of charged particles deep underground using large detectors M.G.K. Menon 1968 10/09/1968
Ail Yousofkhani A new Time Analyser G. Swarup 1968 07/02/1968
K.N. Chaudhari Study of Light Hyperfragments R.R. Daniel 1969 15/03/1969
A.N. Kumar Some investigation on the application of current Algerba to electromagnetic and week processes of hadrons B.M. Udgaonkar 1969
V.R. Pandharipande Nuclear structure investigation in near closed shell nuclei B.V. Thosar 1969 24/10/1969
S.A. Stephens Cosmic electrons and their role in Astrrophysics R.R. Daniel 1969 11/07/1969
R. Cowsik On cosmic Ray Interaction Yash Pal 1969 17/02/1969
U. Trivedi Decomposition of the Partial Wave Amplitude in Terms of Regge-Trajectory Contributions B.M. Udgaonkar 1969
K.R.P.Mallikarjuna Rao The Mossbauer Effect of Sn119 in the alloys of Tin with some Transition and Rare-earth Metals C.R. Kanekar 1969 17/02/1969
S.M. Vaidya Some Investigation on the Strong Interaction of Elementary Particles B.M. Udgaonkar 1969 07/02/1969
K.G. Prasad Study of the level structures of near closed shell nuclei and K x-ray yields in defromed even-even rare-earths B.V. Thosar 1969 29/09/1969
S.B. Khadkikar Some Theoretical Studies in Nuclear Structure K.K. Gupta 1970 23/10/1970
K.C. Rustogi Non-linear optical susceptibilities of semiconductors B.M. Udgaonkar/Jha 1970 03/11/1970
K.Sankara Rao Numerical studies of some Non-linear problems in fluid Mechanics R. Narasimham 1970 07/12/1970
B.S. Prabhananda Electron Spin resonance in Paramagnetic systems B. Venkataraman 1970 10/12/1970
S.N. Tandon On Propagation of Cosmic Rays Yash Pal 1970 16/07/1970
B.L.K. Somayajulu Study Marine Processes using naturally occurring radioactive nuclides D. Lal 1970 16/12/1970
G. Rajagopalan High sensitivity radiation counting and its application in Nuclear Physics D. Lal 1970 10/05/1970
Yoginder Singh Some investigation of the semi-leptonic and weak-radiative decays of hadrons B.M. Udgaonkar 1970 25/02/1970
R.H. Watcha Special features Ultra high energy interaction from a study of Hadrons in extensive airshowers B.V. Sreekantan 1971 02/10/1972
K. Shivprasad Ultra High energy Muons in Extensive air Showers B.V. Sreekantan 1971 28/08/1971
P. Chandrasekhar Mathematical characterisation & analysis of certain R and D system R. Narasimhan 1971 28/03/1971
S.C. Tonwar Composition of the Nuclear Interacting component in Extensive Air showers B.V. Sreekantan 1971 21/04/1971
Georege Joseph A Search for Energetic Neutrons during Solar flares G.S. Gokhale 1971 15/03/1971
M.G. Bhide Some Investigations on the ortho-positronium B.M. Udgaonkar 1971 02/03/1971
V.S. Venkatavaradan Isotopic changes Induced by Cosmic Ray in Interplanetary D. Lal 1971 04/02/1971
D.K. Ghosh A Strudy of two Magnetic Hamiltonians B.M.& C.K. Udgaonkar & Majumdar 1971 22/07/1971
K. Krishnakutty Hypercorrelation:A statistical concept for system characterisation Narasimhan Udgaonkar & Majumdar 1971 11/10/1971
P.C. Agrawal Study of cosmic X-ray sources using Balloon Borne Detectors G.S. Gokhale 1971 06/07/1972
B.S. Sukhija Evaluation of Ground Water Recharge in Semi-Arid Region of India using Environmental tritium Rama 1971 26/08/1972
R. Pinto Current controlled Instabilities in Disordered semiconductors B.V. Sreekantan 1971 08/03/1972
S. Ramadurai Cosmic Rays in Interplantary & Interstellar Space & in S. Biwas 1971 15/03/1971
H.C. Jain Electronmagnetic Properties of Low Lying Levels in Odd Mass Nh and Ag Nuclei S.K. Bhattacherjee 1972
R.K. Manchanda Study of high energy diffuse cosmic x-ray background & survey for new high energy x-ray sources G.S. Gokhale 1971
S. Radhakant Study of light nuclei using electrons scattering B.M. Udgaonkar 1972
D.Radhakrishna Rao Some studies of Geomagnetic field in Low latitudes B.V. Sreekantan 1973 16/02/1973
S.Bhushan Lal In Beam Gamma Ray spectroscopy of 51Cr; 55fe and 75Se Nuclei through (p,n) reaction S.K. Bhattacherjee 1973 16/02/1973
T.V. Gopalkrishnan Molecular Aspects of Enzyme Regulation by Cortisol U.N. Singh 1973 11/05/1973
A.S. Tamhane Abundance of heavy cosmic ray nuclei from the induced micrometamorphism in meteorite minerals D. Lal 1973 29/03/1973
H.C. Chhajlany A study of Broken Chiral & Scale Symmetries in Relation to Leptonic Decays of K-Meson and decay L.K. Pandit 1973 01/02/1973
P. Vijayasarathy The Replication of DNA and its transfer during bacterial conjugation O. Siddigi 1973 02/03/1973
K.C. Anand High Energy Cosmic Ray Electrons & Gamma Rays R.R. Daniel 1973 09/10/1973
Rahdeyshyam Gupta Biogenesis & Function of ribosomes in E. coli U.N. Singh 1973 29/11/1973
T.S. Radhakrishnan Hyperfine Fields and magnetic Properties in solids studied by Nuclear Orientation and Mossbauer Techniques Girish Chandra 1973 05/07/1973
A.C. Kunwar Study of Molecules oriented in Liquid Crystalline media B. Venkataraman 1973 30/07/1973
S.P. Tarafdar Sources of Opacity in late-type stars M.S. Vardya 1973 12/06/1973
S.K. Malik Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in Rare Earth Alloys & Heusler Alloys R. Vijayaraghavan 1973 28/05/1973
G. Mokhopadhyay Electronic Energy Bands for-and-cerium C.K. Majumdar 1973 29/03/1973
A.P. Agnihotry Study of Penetration effects in the Internal covnersion of Retared Transitions in 169 Tm, 177 Lu 177Hfn. M.C. Joshi 1974
R. Raghavan An Experimental Study of the total cross-section of Rho and fmesons against nuclei Yash Pal 1974 03/12/1974
R. Raghavan An Experimental Study of the total cross-section of Rho and fmesons against nuclei Yash Pal 1974 03/12/1974
R.G. Lagu Positronium Lifetimes in some Molecular Media B.V. Thosar 1974 28/02/1974
B.D. Mungurwadi Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in InBi Intermatallic compund and in some liquid alloy systems R. Vijayaraghavan 1974 21/05/1974
S. Doraiswamy Microwave spectra of some Asymmetric Molecules B. venkataraman 1974 06/09/1974
B. Radhakrishnan A study of clebschGordan Problem for three dimentiional Lorentz Group N. Mukunda 1974 21/05/1974
M.V. Pitke Problems in the Design of Large memory Mercury Arrays G.S. Gokhale 1974 24/06/1974
K.R.Sandhya Devi Microscopic Investigation of Nuclear Collective Motion K.K. Gupta 1974 22/02/1974
S.Krishna Swamy Geochemistry of Transition elements & Radioisotopes in Marine & Freshwater Environments D. Lal 1974 21/09/1974
R.N. Singh Competeance & Dexyribonucleic Acid Uptake in Transformation of Bacillus Substills O. Siddiqi 1974 03/10/1974
A.P. Rao A study of Interplanetary Scintillation at 327 Mhz. G. Swarup 1975 02/12/1975
Amit Roy Study of proton induced resonance reactions of 23na, 27Al, 51V, and 63 Cu nuclei S.K. Bhattacherjee 1975 04/12/1975
L.C. Gupta Studies of Nuclear Electric quadrupole Interaction in Solids R. Vijayaraghavan 1975 29/04/1975
S. Kasturirengan Study of Molecular Motions by Electron spin Relaxation B. Venkataraman 1975 20/02/1975
R. Tewari Molecular Orbital Calculation on Biomolecules B. Venkataraman 1975
V.K. Kapahi Angular Structures of Extra Galactic Radio Sources and Cosmology G. Swarup 1975 14/11/1975
V.R. Marathe Magenetism of Inorganic Compounds B. Venkataraman 1975 11/09/1975
S.Mohan Bharathi Spectroscopy of 74As, 75Se and 79,81 Kr nuclei through (p,n) reaction S.K Bhattacherjee 1975
R.C. Chopra Study of Magnetic hyperfine interaction and g-factors of excited nuclear states B.V. Thosar 1975 12/06/1975
S Srivastava Stimulated Light Scattering and Generation of Parametic Instablities in Plasmas S.S. Jha 1975 22/03/1975
V.S. Lyengar Study of Discrete Cosmic X-ray sosurces G.S. Gokhale 1976 02/01/1976
J.K. Agarwal K-Ar Ages of Deccan and Rajmahal Traps & Associted Dykes Rama 1976 19/05/1976
S. Rangarajan Interface Excition Modes & Superconductivity of a metal in contact with a semiconductor S.S. Jha 1976 14/01/1976
B. Subbarao Catalytic Properties of Bovine Brain Hexokinase; A Chemical Investigation S.S. Jha 1976 14/01/1976
A.K. Handa Regulation of chloronema Differentiation in the Moss Furnia Hygrometrica by Adenosine 3' , 5' -Cyclic Monophosphate. O. Siddiqi 1976 23/12/1976
P.K. Das Investigation of Compact Massive Objects with Large central Reshifts. J.V. Narlikar 1976 29/12/1976
S.B. Patel High Resolution Electron Gamma-ray Spectroscopic studies of some defromed B.V. Thosar 1976 15/12/1976
R.R. Navalgund Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Studies in some Ferroectric Crystals. B. Venkataraman 1976 03/12/1976
N. Periasamy Studies on Eletrochemiluminescene G. Govil 1976 23/11/1976
D.S. Bagri High resolution Interferometric Observation of Radio Sources at 327 MHz. G. Swarup 1976 22/01/1976
K. Arya Microscopic Electromagnetic Fields and Non-linear Optical Response Function in Crystals S.S. Jha 1976 14/01/1976
A.S. Vengurleker Bounds and Sum-Rules for Hadronic Scattering Amplitudes V. Singh 1976 01/04/1977
R.P. Verma Study of multiply charged Cosmic ray magnetic spectrograph Yash Pal 1976 14/01/1976
R.K. Nanda Configuration of Biologically Important Molecules G. Govil 1976 19/01/1976
S.P. Mudur A Formal Approach to the desgin of microprogram Controlled Computers. P.V.S. Rao 1976 07/09/1976
J. Ray A study of local Environment Effects in Ni-Mn and Ni-Fe Alloys by 57 Fe Mossbauer Spectorscopy. Girish Chandra 1976 24/05/1976
Meher.H. Irani Genetic and Biochemical studies in Carbohydrate Metabolism in Esherichia Coli Glycolysis P.K. Maitra 1976 23/12/1976
P. Ganguli Magnetic and Spectroscopic Studies on Ferric Dithocarbamates. G. Govil 1976 29/12/1976
V.K. Garde Physics of Neutron Stars. S.M. Chitre 1976 25/02/1976
A.T. Rana Adduct Formation in the Extraction of Nickel and Cobalt with 8-quinolinol and its analogs K.S. Bhatki 1977 08/03/1977
G. Bhattacharya Exactly Solvable U (n) - Symmetric Field Theories in two Dimensions. L.K. Pandit 1977 19/08/1977
S. Ananthakrishnan High Resolution studies of Radio source using Interplanetary Scintillation G. Swarup 1977 24/01/1977
Jyoti Nevatia Study of composition of low Energy Oxygen to Silicon Nuclei in the January 25 and September 2, 1971 Solar Particle Events. S. Biswas 1977 05/02/1977
L.C. Padhy Studies on DNA Polymerizing Enzymes of RNA Turnor Viruses. M.R. Das 1977 09/02/1977
V.N. Nijampurkar Applications of Cosmic-Ray Produced Isotope Silicon -32 to Hydrology with Special Reference to Dating of Ground Water D. Lal 1977 08/03/1977
Gopikrishna Lunar Occulation Observation of the Galactic Centre Region and 55 Extragalactic Sources at 327 MHz G. Swarup 1977 05/02/1977
C.Amuba Singh Studies in Application of Dual Resonance Model B.M. Udgoankar 1977 23/08/1977
B.S. Shastry Studies in the Magnetic Properties of C.P.C. and Nickel. C.K. Majumdar 1977 30/07/1977
K.L. Narasimhan Studies on Electrical Properties of Tetrahedrally Bonded Amorphous Semiconductors. R. Vijayaraghavan 1977 18/11/1977
P.N. Bhat Low Energy Muons and Heavy Partlcles in Cosmic Radiation Underground. P.V.R. Murthy 1977 30/08/1977
G.P. Singh Dlelectric and Ultrasonic Investigation of Ferroelectric Phase Transition in RbH2 Po4. R. Vijayaraghavan 1978 14/10/1978
N. Soundararjan Semantica of Programs and Coroutines. R. Narasimhan 1978 13/03/1978
A.K. Raina Bonds Involving From Factors and Scattering Amplitudes V. Singh 1978 14/10/1978
Pushpa Joshi UV observation and the two phase model interstellar Medium M.S. Vardya 1978 09/11/1978
C.K. Mitra Theoretical Studies on structure and function of Biomolecules G. Govil 1978 28/04/1978
J.K. Srivastava Study of Static and Time Dependent Hyperfine Interactions in Solids by Mossbauer Effect Technique. B.V. Thosar 1978 14/04/1978
C.R. Subramanya An Optimum Deconvolution Method For Lunar Occultation and Cosmological Studies using Angular Sizes of Radio Sources. G. Swarup 1978 31/03/1978
C. Bansai Mossbauer Spectroscopic Studies of Nickel Based Alloys. Girish Chandra 1978 21/02/1978
R.V. Hosur Studies on Structure and Fuction of Biomembrance G. Govil 1978 20/07/1978
A.K. Grover NMR Magnetization Studies in Intermetalics and a Cluster spin-Glas System R. Viayaraghavan 1979 08/01/1980
K.K. Paiwal Computer Recognition of Continuous Speech P.V.S. Rao 1979 17/07/1979
A.S. Joshipura Studies on Melsh-Type Transformation Connecting Two Distinct U(6)* U(6) Group in Null-Plane Quantised Field Theories of Quarks. V. Gupta 1979 09/11/1979
N.K. Singh Genetic control Arulsulphatase in Aspergillus Nidulans O. Siddiqi 1979 09/05/1979
S.S. Siddiqi Bio-Chemical and Developmental Genetics of Gaenovhabditis Elegans O. Siddiqi 1979 11/07/1979
A.K. Kembhavi Zero-Mass Surface and Cosmological Singularities J.V. Narlikar 1979 22/02/1979
S.V. Donde Genetic and Biochemical Studies of the Nervous System of Drosophila Melanogaster O. Siddqi 1979 14/12/1979
Protima Sinha Genetic and Biochemical Characterisation of Pyruvate Kinase Mutants of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae P.K. Maitra 1979 28/08/1979
D.M. Kale Instabilities in the Stellar Atmosphere S.M. Chitre 1979 30/07/1979
C.S. Jain Exact Numercal Results on and two dimensional Helsenberg Systems. C.K. Majumdar 1979 09/05/1979
R. Shankar A Study of the Nucleon-Nucleon Interaction as Derived from Non-relativistic Quantum chromodynamics C.S. Warke 1980 24/01/1980
R.V. Kamath Problems Concerning the Theory of Direct Interparticle Action S.M. Chitre 1980 31/12/1980
G. Krishnamoorthy Physioc-chemical Studies on Biomolecules using Spectroscopic Techniques; Lysoxyme Active Site Enviroment Studies using dyes as probes G. Govil 1980 04/12/1980
Satpal Singh Studies on the Mechanisms of bhaviour in Drosophila Malanogaster O. Siddiqi 1980 03/09/1980
V.R. Palkar Fine Ceramic Oxide Particles by Sol-Gel Process and the Study their Properties K.S. Bhakti 1980 27/08/1980
Ghanshyam Swarup Bovine Brain Mithochondrial Hexokinase; Chemical Investigation of the Active site U.W. Kenkare 1980 06/05/1980
S. Krishnamohan Intrinsic Intensity and Models of Pulsars S. Swarup 1980 02/07/1980
H.M. Antia Over stabilities in the Solar Atmosphere S.M. Chitre 1980 11/01/1980
V. Balasubramanian Interstellar Scintillation of Pulsars at 327 MHz G. Swarup 1980 21/03/1980
V.K. Kulkarni A Generalised Luminosity Function for Extragalactic Radio Sources G. Swarup 1980 21/03/1980
S.V. Dhurandhar Tachyon in Strong Gravitational Fields J.V. Narlikar 1980 24/03/1980
A.K. Pansare A Technique for Wide-Range Particle Size Measurements A.V. Patankar 1980 21/02/1980
S.J. Kulkarni Temperature-sensitive Paralytic mutation on the second and third Cir of Drosophila melanogaster O. Siddiqi 1981 02/11/1981
S. Subramanian Studies on Liqud phase expitaxial Growth of GaAs and on the Origin of 0.8 eV electron trap in GaAs R. Vijayaraghavan 1981 15/10/1981
Shobhona Sharma Characterisation of Cyclic AMP Phosphodiesterases in the moss Funaria hygromatrica M. Johari 1981 04/12/1981
D.V. Behere Magnetic Studies on Iron (lll) and Manganese (lll) Porphyrins G. Govil 1981 23/01/1981
A. Moitra Algebrain Specification with Hidden Function; Formalization and Power R. Narasimhan 1981 28/12/1981
K.S. Rajasethupathy Studies on L-Systems R. Narasimhan 1981 02/06/1981
A. Mukherjee Studies in Classical Guuge Theory Probir Roy 1981 29/05/1981
A.D. Gangal Bounds on Pion-pion Scattering Amplitudes and on Elastic Diffraction peak S.M. Roy 1981 28/01/1981
P. Mitra Studies in the two-dimensional quantum fiels theory of quarks and gluons Probir Roy 1981 13/02/1981
Rao.K. Krishanamurthy Role of Protein Factor Associated with Plasma Membranes in Reverse Transcription M.R. Das 1981 02/11/1981
E.V. Sampathkumaran Studies of Valence Fluctuation Phenomenon in some rare earth compounds R. Vijayaraghavan 1982 10/09/1982
Srikantha Rao High Energy Muons in Extensive Air Showers S. Naranan 1982 14/08/1982
R.V. Gavai Investigation on Baryonium and Realated Phenomenology D.P. Roy 1982 28/01/1982
S.K. Dhar Magnetic studies of rare earth intermetalics R. Vijayaraghavan 1982 11/09/1982
Subir Sarkar High Energy Astrophysics of Supernova Remnants R. Cowsik 1982
V.F. Rodrigues Genetic Analysis of Chemosensory Behaviour in Drosophila Melanogaster O. Siddiqi 1982 25/08/1982
N.C. Rana An Investigation of the properties of Intergalactic dust J.V. Narlikar 1982 14/06/1982
K.P. singh A sky survey of diffuse X-ray Emission in Soft X-rays (0.1-2.5 Kev) S. Naranan 1982 08/07/1982
D. Bhattacharya Inner Shell Ionisation with Protons and Helium Ions S.K. Mitra 1982 11/09/1982
B.B. Kulkarni Magnetic Field Effects on Charge Transfer Processes B. Venkataraman 1982 17/03/1982
M.R. Krishnaswamy Cosmic Ray Intersities Deep underground -A Study of Angular Distribution of Muons M.G.K. Menon 1982 20/01/1982
S. Srinivasan Superconductiong Transitions in Semi-metals and in Metal-Insulator Composite Systems S.S. Jha 1982 22/03/1982
T. Padmanabhan A Study of some problems in Quantum Gravity J.V. Narlikar 1982 27/09/1982
A. Pal Non-eqilibrium Properties of Liquid He and the effect of Superfluid Fluctuations S.S. Jha 1982 28/07/1982
Z.J. Lobo Glycolytic and Pentose Phosphate Pathway Mutants from Yeast P.K. Maitra 1983 10/06/1983
H.M. Chikarmane Pyruvate Decarboxylase Mutants in Yeast P.K. Maitra 0
B.S. Acharya Composition of Primary Cosmic Rays at > 10 14eV-A study of High Energy Muons in Extensive Air Showers M.V.S. Rao 1983 19/11/1983
S.K. Gupta Search for very high energy gamma rays from Pulsars P.V.R. Murthy 1983 09/08/1983
M.A.A. Saad Hyperfine Interaction studies in Intermetallic compounds through perturbed Abngular Correlation Experiments S.K. Bhattacherjee 1983 21/09/1983
N.K. Mondal Search for Proton Decay in the Kolar Gold Field Exoeriment V.S. Narsimahm 1983
R.G. Pillay Hyperfine Interactions in Intermetallic Compounds and Alloys H.G. Devare 1983 15/02/1983
S.V. Moholkar Spectroscopy of Rare-Earth Nuclei from Projection Fromalism C.S. Warke 1983 21/07/1983
N.Vasant Kumar Studies on Nucleic Acid Flexibility and Proton-Nucleic Acid Interaction G. Govil 1983 18/11/1983
S.K. Ghosh Infrared Astronomical Observation Using Balloon-borne and Ground Based Telascopes R.R. Daniel 1983 07/05/1983
R. Ramchandran Studies in Gauge Theories: University and Generation Mixing P.P. Divakaran 1983 05/04/1983
G.K. Jarori Studies on the site of Brain Hexokinase: A Biophysical approch using Magnetic Resonance techniques U.w. Kenkare 1983 07/11/1983
R.S. Choughule Spin-echo and Magnetization studies on Rare-Earth Intermetallic Compounds R. Vijayaraghavan 1983 07/05/1983
D. Narasimha Oscillatory and Non-oscillatory Valocity Fields in stars S.M. chitre 1984 01/03/1984
K. Subramanian The physical interpretation of some observable properties of Quasars S.M. Chitre 1984 28/08/1984
Avinash Dhar Some Investigation in Guage Theories: The problem of Renormalization Scheme Dependence of Perturbative Predictions in Quantum Chromaldynamics V. Gupta 1984 24/07/1984
V.R. Prasad Strong sychronization in distributed programming M. Joseph 1984 11/08/1984
Gautam Thor Retinotectal map in Lower Vertebrates U.N. Singh 1984 22/05/1984
N. Natarajan Communication and synchronization in Distributed programs M. Joseph 1984 11/08/1984
K. Sudhakar Study of Inclusive Gamma, ll and direct electron production in pp interaction at Low Energies A. Subramanian 1984 29/05/1984
B.M. Kurup Study of the Electric Quadrupole Interaction Of Nuclear Excited States by TDPAC B.V. Thosar 1984 18/04/1984
M.N. Vahia On the study of the energetic particle emission from the sun S. Biswas 1984 04/05/1984
D.K. Sharma Effects of self-generated heat on MOS I-V characteristics R. Vijayaraghavan 1984 31/08/1984
N. Gautam Gene Regulation in Drosophila Melaongaster P.K. Maitra 1984 19/11/1984
A.K. Srivastava Studies on GaAs Metal-semiconductor contacts with and without a Thin Interfacial Layer R. Vijayaraghavan 1984 23/03/1984
M.L. Jhingan Reaction Mechanism Studies with Low Energy Deutron Beam and Investigation on Neutron Cross-section at 25 keV and from 5 to 2.8 Mev R. Ramanna 1984 31/03/1984
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A.A. Mehta Spectroscopic Investigation on Bovine Brain Hexokinase U.W. Kenkare 1985 24/08/1985
A.R. Rao X-rays Activity of flare stars and RS Cvn Binaries G.S. Gokhale 1986 23/09/1986
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Sandeep Modi Study of Structure and Activity of Hemeprotein Enzymes by NMR Spectroscopy S. Mitra 1991 05/03/1991
D.K. Mohanty A Search for pulsating Radio Sources in the Neighbourthoods of supernova Remnants. S. Swarup 1991 12/04/1991
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Anjan Basu Robust Power Spectrum Estimation Algorithms for Nogaussain Noise P.V.S. Rao 1993 13/08/1993
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