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Students awarded degree - 1991 to 2005

Name Surname Guide/ Supervisor Ist Name Guide/Supervisor Surname Degree Subject B U Result Dt Thesis Title
Sandeep Modi S. Mitra Ph.D. Physical Chemistry 03-05-91
Shubhra Chakravarty B.M. Arora Ph.D. Physics 03-06-91
Sudeshna Sinha G. Govil Ph.D. Physical Chemistry 03-25-91
Dhinrendra Kumar Mohanty Govind Swarup Ph.D. Physics 04-12-91
Anindya Sinha P.K. Maitra Ph.D. Physics 05-02-91
Vemuru Subrahmanyam M. Barma Ph.D. Physics 07-02-91
V. Subramanyam M Barma Ph.D. Physics 07-02-91 Finite-size effects & correlations in Fermi systems
C.V. Tomy R. Vijayaraghavan Ph.D. Physics 07-08-91 Magnetic and Tansport properties of some high Temperature superconductors
Manohar Narahari Nyayate H.G. Devare Ph.D. Physics 09-17-91
M.N. Nyayate H.G. Devare Ph.D. Physics 09-17-91 Studies of local magnetism of Rare Earth Inter Metallic compounds
Ananya Majumdar Girjesh Govil Ph.D. Physical Chemistry 10-21-91
A. Majumdar G. Govil Ph.D. Physical Chemistry 10-21-91 Development of Multiple-Pulse NMR Techniques & Simulation Algorithms for Biomolecular Structure Determination
Mahananda Dasgupta C.V.K. Baba Ph.D Physics 12-02-91 Study of Fusion Cross-sections & Average Angular Moments in Fusion Reactions of 28Si+68Zn, 32S + 64N1, 37C1+59Co and 45 Sc + 51V Nuclei near the coulomb barrier
Ratan Singh Bisht S.N. Tandon Ph.D. Physics 01-09-92
Ratan Singh Bisht S.N. Tondon Ph.D Physics 01-09-92 Balloon Borne Far-Infrared Astronimical observations with a two Band Photometer
Jayashree Mahadeo Paranjape V. Rodrigues Ph.D. Molecular Biology 01-13-92
J.M. Paranjpe V. Rodrigues M.Sc. Molecular Biology 01-13-92 Genetics of olfactory Perception in Drosophila
S.S. Deodhar S. Sharma M.Sc. Molecular Biology 01-14-92 Expression & Immunogenicity of certain Domains of the circumsporozoite Gene of Plasmodium Knowlesi
K. Majumdar S.N. Ganguli Ph.D Physics 03-09-92 Determinatin Electroweak parameters of Zo in e+e- interactions at LEP
Kajari Mazumdar S.N. Ganguli Ph.D. Physics 03-09-92
Archana Gangaram Gayatri P.K. Maitra Ph.D. Molecular Biology 03-16-92
A.G. Gayatri P.K. Maitra Ph.D. Physics 03-16-92 Genetic & Biochemical studies with yeast Phosphofructokinase Mutants
Bosco M.A. Henriques M.M. Johri Ph.D. Molecular Biology 04-02-92 Nitrate Reductase from chloronemal cell cultures of Funaria Hygrometrica: An immono chemical investigation
R. Balakrishnan O. Siddiqui Ph.D. Molecular Biology 06-01-92 An Analysis of Mutants in the taste pathway of Drosophila Melanogaster
V.N. Gandhi P.V. Ramanamurthy Ph.D Physics 06-24-92 Emission of TeV Gamma Rays from X-Ray Binary Pulsar: An observational study
M. Ramanan Rajeev S.C. Tonwar Ph.D Physics 06-24-92 UHE radiation from x-ray Binary Sources
Swati S. Sathe O. Siddiqui Ph.D. Molecular Biology 06-24-92 Genetic & Neurophysiological investigations of taste reception in Drosophila malanogaster
Savita Bhosekar R.N. Singh M.Sc. Molecular Biology 07-14-92 Study of Ioei that affect development in drosophila Melanogaster
G.B. Dutt B. Venkataraman Ph.D. Physical Chemistry 07-14-92 Picosecond Time-Resolved studies in dondensed media
F.A. Rajgara D. Mathur Ph.D Physics 08-10-92 Ion Translational Energy Spectrometry
Nanda M. Limaye K.S.V. Santhanam Ph.D Mathematics 08-11-92 Electro-biolouminescence
Satyanarayan Majumdar Deepak Dhar Ph.D. Physics 10-21-92 Self organized critically in sandpiles and Driven Diffusive Lattice Gases
Sugata Sanyal P.V.S. Rao Ph.D Computer Science 11-27-92 Computer Architecture: some Aspects of Fault Tolerance and coding Techniques
Vidya Krishnamurthi D Mathur Ph.D Physics 11-30-92 Translational Energy spctrometry of Molecular Ions
P.K. Manoharan G. Swarup Ph.D Physics 11-30-92 Study of solar Wind using single station Interplanetary Scintillation
Pragya Singh H.G. Devare Ph.D. Physics 11-30-92 Spectroscopy of High Spin Nuclear States of 92.91.90 Mo Excited by Heavy ion Reactions
Cheryl Ann Lobo S. Sharma Ph.D. Molecular Biology 12-01-92 Molecular & Serological Studies of Antigens of the Human Malarial Parasite Plasmodium Falsiparum
V. Ramasubramanian P.V.S. Rao Ph.D Computer Science 12-01-92 Fast algorithms for Nearest neighbor search & application to vector Quantization
A.K. Rajarajan L.C. Gupta Ph.D Physics 12-21-92 Nuclear Resonance and Substitutional studies on High Tc superconductors
C.S. Garde G. Chandra Ph.D Physics 12-24-92 Kondo & Magnetic Ordering Effects in Cr Based Kondo Lattice compounds
S.R. Acharya P.K. Maitra Ph.D. Physics 12-28-92 Drosophila Neurochemistry: Study of drop-dead and adult early lethal mutation
Anil K. Maheshwari M.V. Pitke Ph.D Computer Science 02-16-93 Parallel Algorithms for minimum link path and Related Problem
P. Bisht P.C. Agrawal Ph.D Physics 03-18-93 X-ray studies of Be Star Bineries
Kevin Sequeira K Vijayaraghavan Ph.D Molecular Biology 04-08-93 Developmental Genetics of a locus isolated by the Enhancer Trap' method in D. Melanogaster
S.R. Dugad V.S. Narasimham Ph.D Physics 06-09-93 A study of Cosmic Ray composition using Multi TeV Muon Bundles Recorded Deep Underground
Kumud Wahane P.K. Maitra Ph.D Molecular Biology 06-09-93 Characterizationof Genetic determinant of Particulate Phosphofructokinase in yeast
H.R. Adarkar V.S. Narsimham Ph.D Physics 06-11-93 Gut signals in Deep underground Experiments
S. Anand B.M. Arora Ph.D Physics 07-08-93 A study of DX-centres in A1-xGa1-xAs and in GaAs under Hydrostatic Pressure
L.C. Tribedi P.N. Tondon Ph.D Physics 09-24-93 Inner Shell Vancancy Production in Ion Solid collision and its Implucation to transient magnetic fields
P. Gupta Sarma R. Vijayaraghavan Ph.D. Physics 10-11-93 Finite size effects in high temperature superconductors
K. Nagesha V.R. Marathe Ph.D Physical Chemistry 10-18-93 Electronic structure & stability of Molecular Ions
S. Basu N.C. Rana Ph.D Physics 10-20-93 The spatial and Temporal Evolution of Gas and Heavy Elements in Galaxy
Sanghmitra Khatua H.G. Devare Ph.D Physics 10-20-93 Magnetic behaviour of 4d Ion 100 Rh in Metals & Alloys
Manoj K Sharan C.V.K. Baba Ph.D Physics 10-29-93 Study of High energy gamma rays following heavy ion collision
Debashis Ghoshal Ashoke Sen Ph.D Physics 11-10-93 Ground rings & gauge symmetries of string theory
Sudipta Mukherjee Ashoke Sen Ph.D Physics 11-10-93 Classical solutions in string field theory
Peter B Thomas D Dhar Ph.D Physics 11-24-93 Studies in Relaxational Phenomena: Hysteresis in N-Vector models
Sunita Nair S.M. Chitre Ph.D Physics 12-09-93 Some problems in Gravitational Lensing
Joyce J. Fernandes V. Rodrigues Ph.D. Molecular Biology 01-12-94 Development of the indirect flight muscles of drosophila melanogaster
Shubha R. Shanbagh R.N. Singh Ph.D. Molecular Biology 01-12-94 Neuroanatomy of the Gustatory system of Drosophila melanogaster
A.M. Sengupta S.R. Wadia Ph.D Physics 02-03-94 String backgrounds in 1+1 Dimensions
K.Shridhara. Alva G. Govil Ph.D Physical Chemistry 02-07-94 Immobilized Redox Enzymes & Coenzymes: Physicochemical studies & applications in Molecular Electronics
S. Sadananda Rai G. Govil Ph.D Physics 03-11-94 Interaction of Nucleotides with Tubulin: Investigations by NMR and fluorescence Techniques
Ishak Ahmed B. Venkataraman Ph.D Physical Chemistry 03-30-94 Transport & energy coupling in Biomembrane Aspectroscopic & Kinetic Investigation on Proton Transporting systems
J.S. D'souza M.M. Johri M.Sc. Molecular Biology 05-10-94 Auxin Regulation of cell differentiation in Moss Protonema
Carmen M.A. Coelho K Vijayraghavan Ph.D. Molecular Biology 09-26-94 Genetic of Indirect Flight Muscles Development in Drosophila Melanogaster
Indranil Das R. Vijayaraghavan Ph.D. Physics 10-06-94 Magnetic and 4 f Electric Quadrupolar Anomalies in Rareearth compounds
Vandana Nanal P.N. Tondon Ph.D. Physics 10-10-94 Compound Nuclear Lifetime Measurements in A=40 Nucleiusing Heavy Ion Channeling and Blocking
Sukalyan Chattopadhyay H.C. Jain Ph.D. Physics 10-31-94 Investigation of Nuclear Structure at High spins in Mass 80 region
Varsha R. Chitnis P.C. Agrawal Ph.D. Physics 01-03-95 Hard X-ray studies of some x-ray Binaries
Mamta Prachand G. Govil M.Sc. Physical Chemistry 01-03-95 Conformations of Bio-active Peptides
Ravi Kumar R. Vijayaraghavan Ph.D. Physics 01-07-95 Magnetization studies of superconductors
M.R.K. Krishna Rao R.K. Shyamasundar Ph.D. Computer Science 01-24-95 Termination Characteristic of Logic Programs
Manisha V. Bhave V. Rodrigues Ph.D. Molecular Biology 01-31-95 Molecular & Neurogenetic Studies on the mechanism of chemoreception in Drosophila Melanogaster: Analysis of sealloped locus
Radha Srinivasan Girish Chandra Ph.D. Physics 02-08-95 Study of Magnetic and Transport Properties of Some Mettallic Spin Glass Systems
Krishnanu Ray V. Rodrigues Ph.D. Molecular Biology 03-02-95 Development & genetics of Chemosensory system in drosophila
V.V. Krishnamurthy S.H. Devare Ph.D. Physics 03-22-95 Microscopic Studies of Magnetic Interaction in Metals
R. Srivatsan S.C. Tonwar Ph.D. Physics 03-27-95 Muons in Extensive Air Showers
Anup Madan R.V. Hosur Ph.D. Physical Chemistry 04-20-95 Biophysical and Biochemical Investigations on specific DNA-Protein Interactions
Sanjeev Saluja R.K. Shyamasundar Ph.D. Computer Science 04-28-95 Counting Classes in Complexity theory
S. Krishnan P.V.S. Rao Ph.D. Computer Science 05-16-95 Speech Recognition by computer: Spectral Temporal Redundancy and stochastic segmental Models
R. Chandrasekar S. Ramani Ph.D. Computer Science 05-25-95 Man-machine communication and learning
Rasheed J. Mistry O. Siddiqui Ph.D. Molecular Biology 05-25-95 Monoclonal antibodies as Molecular Probes for the chemosensory systems in Drosophila melanogaster
Anil Seth R.K. Shyamasundar Ph.D. Computer Science 05-30-95 Complexity theory of higher type functionals
Anita T. Hate J Udgoankar M.Sc. Molecular Biology 07-20-95 Characterization of the CYS40CYS82 ALA40 ALA82 Double Mutant Form of Barstar
Kambhampati Venkata Subrahmanyan R.K. Shyamasundar Ph.D. Computer Science 08-03-95 Hierarchies in hard Problems: Complexity & Threshold Problems om Monotone Contact Networks
Vandana B. Patil P.K. Maitra M.Sc. Molecular Biology 08-08-95 Genetic and Biochemical Study of Carbohydrate Metabolism in Yeast
P.B. Gothoskar G. Swarup Ph.D. Physics 08-14-95 IPS observations of variability in the solar wind
Meena Murthy K Vijayraghavan M.Sc. Molecular Biology 10-16-95 Molecular Characterization of an Ion Transport system in Drosophila
Tapan Kanti Das S. Mitra Ph.D. Physical Chemistry 03-02-96 Time Resolved Fluorescence Studies on Cytochrome C oxidase and related hemeproteins
Neeraj Gupta K.S.V. Santhanam Ph.D. Physical Chemistry 03-02-96 Electrochemical Aspects of Fullerenes
M. Krishnamurthy D Mathur Ph.D. Physical Chemistry 03-02-96 Molecular Beam Studies of Ion-Molecule Reactions
Ritu Khurana J. Udgaonkar Ph.D. Molecular Biology 03-04-96 pH Dependance of the conformation of the small Protein Barstar
V. Raghuram P.K. Maitra Ph.D. Molecular Biology 06-17-96 Genetic Regulation of Yeast Pyruvate Decarboxlase
Rajaram Swaminathan N. Periasamy Ph.D. Physical Chemistry 06-18-96 Time Resolved Fluorescence studies in Biological Macromolecules
Nirupama Deshpande V. Rodrigues M.Sc. Molecular Biology 08-30-96 Human Transcription Enhancer Factor- 1 Gene Expression and Function
A.A. Ali D Dhar Ph.D. Physics 09-18-96 Studies of stochastic Evolution in Lattice Models
M.K. Hari D Dhar Ph.D. Physics 09-18-96 Dynamical critical phenomena: Infinity of conservation Laws & their consequences in some Deposition -Evaporation Models
K.C. Ghosh G. Chandra Ph.D. Physics 10-07-96 Study of Magnetism and superconductivity in Intermatallic Alloys
R.S. Chakrawarty P.N. Tandon Ph.D. Physics 10-16-96 Nuclear Structure of the Mass region A=110
Shashikumar D. Paul H.C. Jain Ph.D. Physics 10-30-96 Structure of High Spin states in Mass-82 Nuclei
Shanteri Singh R.V. Hosur Ph.D. Physical Chemistry 01-07-97 Studies on unusual DNAs
R. Raveendran P.V.S. Rao Ph.D. Computer Science 02-15-97 Speech signal Processing & Recognition using a Prediction Approach for Modelling the Spectral dynamics
Vinit K. Rastogi G. Govil Ph.D. Physical Chemistry 03-14-97 NMR studies of Proteins and Nucleie Acids
Jagdeep Kaur V. Rodrigues Ph.D. Molecular Biology 03-26-97 Molecular Genetics of a Gene specifying chromosensory Behaviour in Drosophila melangaster: Analysis of the east Locus
Md. Zakir Hossain L.C. Gupta Ph.D. Physics 05-06-97 Superconducting and Magnetic Properties in Rare Earth Transition Metal quaternary Borocarbides
C.P. Safvan D Mathur Ph.D. Physics 05-07-97 Dissociation dynamics of Molecular Ions
Porus Lakdawala Spenta Wadia Ph.D. Physics 05-09-97 Complexity at the Edge of order and Chaos
K.K. Khan S. Mitra Ph.D. Physical Chemistry 05-21-97 Transient Kinetics & Fluoresecence studies of Native and recombinant Hemoprotecris
Arunava Goswami S. Sharma Ph.D. Molecular Biology 06-10-97 Molecular characterization of a Novel gene of P. falsiparam
R. Ajaykumar G. Govil Ph.D. Molecular Biology 06-30-97 Computational techniques for Nucleic Acid Structure determination from NMR
Nibedita Mukhopadhyay R.V. Hosur Ph.D. Physical Chemistry 06-30-97 New strategies for precise elucidation of solution confrontation of DNA segments by NMR
P.K. Radha R.V. Hosur Ph.D. Physical Chemistry 07-21-97 NMR Investigatins on Protein -DNA systems: Structures and Interactions
K. Narayan Kumar R.K. Shyamasundar Ph.D. Computer Science 08-29-97 Models of Asynchronous Processes
S.S. Prabhu A.S. Vengurlekar Ph.D. Physics 08-29-97 Picosecond Dynamics of Hot carriers, optical phonons Excitons and Biexcitons in CdSe
Ashok Khemka R.K. Shyamasundar Ph.D. Computer Science 09-11-97 Real-time scheduling
Bhagwati Prasad Gupta V. Rodrigues Ph.D. Molecular Biology 10-01-97 Developmental Genetics of the Pattern Formation in Chemosensory System of Drosophila Melanogaster
H.C. Shankar V.S. Narasimham Ph.D. Physics 10-01-97 Search for supersymmetry Using Leptons
Nakul Chandra Maiti N. Periasamy Ph.D. Physical Chemistry 11-07-97 Fluoreseence Dynamics in Microheterogenous Media
Suchandra Dutta S.N. Ganguli Ph.D. Physics 11-27-97 Study of E+E- Interactions Large electron Positron collider at Cern
Bhas A Bapat E. Krishnakumar Ph.D. Physics 12-09-97 Ionisation of molecules by charged particles
Soma Chattopadhyay M.S. Multani Ph.D. Physics 12-10-97 Size effects on Structural Transitions in oxide Materials
Ramana M. Athreya V.K. Kapahi Ph.D. Physics 12-24-97 Multyfrequency studies of High Redshift Radio Galaxies
Firoza K. Sutaria Alak Ray Ph.D. Physics 12-24-97 Neutrino Spectroscopy of pre-supernova and collasping stellar cores
Subir Sarkar S. Banerjee Ph.D. Physics 01-02-98 Study of Hadronic Events in E+ e- collisions using L3 Detector at large electron positron collider (LEP) at CERN
S.R. Bhaumik G. Govil Ph.D. Physical Chemistry 01-06-98 Structure Function and interaction of Proteins & Nucleic Acids
Manas Maity A Gurtu Ph.D. Physics 01-07-98 Study of Heavy Flavours at LEP1 (using L3 detector)
Latika Menon S.K. Malik Ph.D. Physics 01-17-98 Electronic Magnetic & Transport Properties of Rare Earth Intermetallic Compounds
Balaji Krishnan O. Siddiqi M.Sc. Molecular Biology 01-20-98 Olfaction in Drosophila
Hari Pada Maity S.R. Kasturi Ph.D. Physical Chemistry 03-05-98 Spectroscopic Investigations of Protein-Ligand Interactions and the conformation of Ligands sound to Proteins
Gobinda Majumder S.N. Ganguli Ph.D. Physics 03-07-98 Search for supersymmetric particles in e+e- collission at LE
Supriya Krishnamurthy M. Barma Ph.D. Physics 04-15-98 Dynamics of Driven Interface Growth: Spatio Temporal Correlations & Pattern Formation
Biswajit Paul P.C. Agrawal Ph.D. Astronomy 05-20-98 Timing Study of some x-ray binaries
Swagato Banerjee S. Banerjee M.Sc. Physics 06-02-98 Tuning of QCD Model Parameters using LEP data of Hadronic Z decays
Arvind Srivastava N. Periasamy Ph.D. Physical Chemistry 06-19-98 Dynamics of Biological Systems
V.C. Jayaram O. Siddiqui Ph.D. Molecular Biology 07-14-98 Gustatoy reception in Drosophila Melanogaster
Shwetal V Mehta Zita Lobo M.Sc. Molecular Biology 08-04-98 Study of carbohydrate Metabolism in Fission Yeast
P.J. Britto K.S.V. Santhanam Ph.D. Physical Chemistry 09-10-98 Electrochemical Sensors with Conducting Polymers
Gunjan Agarwal Anil Saran Ph.D. Physical Chemistry 09-16-98 Organized Molecular Assemblies: Interfacing & Properties
Suvarna D Ainapure M.M. Johri M.Sc. Molecular Biology 09-28-98 Studies on Abscisic Acid and Stress-Induced Proteins In the protonema of The Moss Funaria Hygrometrica
Bashir A Mir K.S. Krishnan Ph.D. Molecular Biology 10-13-98 A Genetic Investigation of general Anaesthesia
N. Raja R.K. Shyamasundar Ph.D. Computer Science 10-28-98 Combinators & type Systems for Programming Languages
A.P. Gupta O. Siddiqi M.Sc. Molecular Biology 11-09-98 Studies on Chemosensory mechanisma alfactory behaviour of Drosophila
Kishore Chandrasekhar Panigrahi M.M. Johri Ph.D. Molecular Biology 11-09-98 Studies on the Auxin-binding and GTP-binding proteins in Plants
Nevil J Singh S. Sharma Ph.D. Molecular Biology 11-11-98 Molecular Charactrization of putative protection epitopes in malaria
Rajesh Kumar A.S. Vengurlekar Ph.D. Physics 11-12-98 Study of non-equlibrium carrier dynamics in GaAs and GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wells using picosecond time resolved Luminescence spectroscopy
S. Velmurugan Zita Lobo Ph.D. Molecular Biology 11-19-98 Transcriptional Regulation of Pyruvate Decarbxyiase synthesis in yeast
Sanjeev K Waghmare Zita Lobo M.Sc. Molecular Biology 12-02-98 Suppressor analysis of Yeast glycolytic mutants
N. Rathna Sree Alak Ray Ph.D. Physics 12-14-98 Presupernova evoluation of massive stars in binary systems
Mahendra D Wagle V. Rodrigues M.Sc. Molecular Biology 01-27-99 Molecular basis of homologous recombination in Chlamydamonas renhardtii
G. Karthikeyan V. Rodrigues Ph.D. Molecular Biology 02-02-99 Studies with recombination proteins.
A.D.S. Bala O. Siddiqui Ph.D. Molecular Biology 02-06-99 Olfactory reception in Drosophila Melanogaster
Sumana Chakravarty K.S. Krishnan Ph.D. Molecular Biology 03-23-99 Identification of Proteins Interactions with Dynamin
Vengopala G. Reddy V. Rodrigues Ph.D. Molecular Biology 03-23-99 Mechanisms of pattern formation and cell fate determination in the olfactory system of Drosophila melanogaster
Gautam Tripathy M Barma Ph.D. Physics 03-23-99 Non-Equlibrium Processes in Random Media
Ambreesh K. Gupta N.K. Mondal Ph.D. Physics 04-07-99 Search of New Physics in p-porp collision at 1.8 TeV.
Sandip Ghosh B.M. Arora Ph.D. Physics 04-08-99 Study of Opto-Electronic properties of Semiconductors and their Quantum Structures.
Anant Bahadur Patel G. Govil Ph.D. Physical Chemistry 04-08-99 Molecular systems: Characterization, Design and Application in Molecular Electronics
Basant Rajan R.K. Shyamasundar Ph.D. Computer Science 05-04-99 Programming Language for specification of Multiple- clocked sysem
Vedula Ravi Bhardwaj D Mathur Ph.D. Physics 05-12-99 Molecular Dynamics Experiments on Molecules, Clusters & Their Ions.
Subhash Indrabahadur Singh S. Sharma M.Sc. Molecular Biology 05-13-99
Nandini Bhattacharya E. Krishnakumar Ph.D. Physics 05-19-99 Spectroscopy of Highly Ionized Atoms
M.M.G. Krishna N. Periasamy Ph.D. Physical Chemistry 05-26-99 Dynamics of Fluorescent probes in biological systems
Sanchita Bhakti Chatterjee S. Sharma M.Sc. Molecular Biology 06-29-99
Sudipta Saraswati O. Siddiqi Ph.D. Molecular Biology 07-15-99 Analysis of Gustatory Behaviour in Drosophila Melanogaster
Sanjay Jhingan P.S. Joshi Ph.D. Physics 08-09-99 topics in the theory of relativistic gravitational collapse.
Abha Chopra V. Rodrigues Ph.D. Molecular Biology 08-10-99 Role of Scalloped in Embryonic Nervous System and wing blade development in Drosophila melanogaster
Prasanta Kumar Patel R.V. Hosur Ph.D. Physical Chemistry 08-25-99 Protein Engineering & Biophysical studies on DNA binding proteins
Abhishek Dhar D Dhar Ph.D. Physics 08-26-99 Studies of Nonequilibrium steady states of Driven Systems
S. A. Rangwala E. Krishnakumar Ph.D. Physics 09-03-99 Electron Impact Studies of Molecules
Ashwin A Tulapurkar P.N. Tandon Ph.D. Physics 10-08-99 Magnetic and Quadrupole studies in some metals and alloys
Kachan Vijayalakshmi G Ravindrakumar Ph.D. Physics 10-12-99 Nonlinear processes in intese laser fields
Amal Kumar Saha P.N. Tandon Ph.D. Physics 10-22-99 Inner-shell Electron Transfer and Ionization studies in Heavy Ion-Atom collisions at Intermediate Impact Velocities
Saumen Datta S.M. Roy Ph.D. Physics 10-28-99 Analytical and Numerical Studies in SU (2) lattice Gauge Theory
Tania Moulik A Gurtu Ph.D. Physics 12-07-99 W-Mass Measurement at LEP200
Keshab Dasgupta Sunil Mukhi Ph.D. Physics 12-28-99 Superstring Theory and its Generalizations: Symmetries and Vacua
David R Justin Spenta Wadia Ph.D. Physics 12-31-99 String Theory and Black Holes
Nitin G. Patil S.K. Dhar Ph.D. Physics 01-27-00 Transport and magnetic studies in metallic alloyes
Sarbari Bhattacharya E.V. Sampathkumaran Ph.D. Physics 02-02-00 Magnetic Moment Formation and Exchange Interaction in amorphous d Transition Metal Systems
Subhabrato Sanyal K.S. Krishnan Ph.D. Molecular Biology 02-02-00 Molecular and Physiological studies of synaptic mutants in drosophila melanogaster
Roop Mallik E.V. Sampathkumaran Ph.D. Physics 02-16-00 Kondo-lattice, magnetic precursor effects and magnetic anomalies in correlated electron systems
Apurba Kumar Sau S. Mitra Ph.D. Physical Chemistry 02-22-00 Kinetic Studies of the reactions of metallic enzymes
Sarata Chandra Sahu R.V. Hosur Ph.D. Physical Chemistry 04-24-00 Studies on protein structure and dynamics using multidimensional NMR
G.Naresh Patwari Sanjay Wategaonkar Ph.D. Physical Chemistry 04-26-00 Intramolecular vibrational redistribution dynamics in jet-cooled p-alkoxybenzene derivatives
Ashish Dattatreya Karnik T.N. Rengarajan Ph.D. Physics 05-09-00 Infrared Observations of star Forming Regions
K. Chattopadhyay S. Mitra Ph.D. Physical Chemistry 06-12-00 Spectroscopic and Bioelectrochemical Studies of Redox Metalloproteins
C.S. Unnikrishnan R. Cowsik Ph.D. Physics 06-14-00 Torsion Balance Experiments To search for New Composition Dependent Forces
Pratap Raychaudhuri R. Pinto Ph.D. Physics 07-19-00 Transport and Magnetic Properties of Double exchange perorstkites
Amit Arun Basole K.S. Krishnan M.Sc. Molecular Biology 07-31-00 Genetic and Behavioral studies on temperature sensitive pardytic mutations in Drosophila Melanogaster
Satyajit S. Banerjee S.K. Malik Ph.D. Physics 10-11-00 Vortex State Studies in Superconductors
Rashmi R. Sohoni S. Sharma M.Sc. Molecular Biology 11-18-00
Purnima Khandelwal R.V. Hosur Ph.D. Physical Chemistry 03-08-01 Understanding protein structure, folding and DNA recognition by NMR
Rudrajyoti Palit H.C. Jain Ph.D. Physics 07-21-01 Electromagnetic properties of nuclei in mass 70 to 80 region
Rani V. Parvathy G. Govil Ph.D. Physical Chemistry 09-18-01 Biophysical and biochemical studies on proteins and nucleic acids
Achanta Venugopal A.S. Vengurlekar Ph.D. Physics 10-10-01 Study of dimensionality dependence of exciton dynamics using time resolved nonlinear optical spectroscopy in GaAs based nano structures
Mahua Ghosh G. Govil Ph.D. Physical Chemistry 10-17-01 Structural Characterisation of Biomolecules by NMR spectroscopy
Amit Ghosal Nandini Trivedi Ph.D. Physics 10-22-01 Disorder driven superconductor-Insulator Transition
S.C. Purandare R. Pinto Ph.D. Physics 11-08-01 Synthesis and Characterisation of Ferroelectric PbTiO3 thin films
Dibyendu Das M. Barma Ph.D. Physics 11-09-01 Dynamics of Quenched Systems and Coupled Driven Diffusive Systems
Amal Kumar Bandopadhyay R.V. Hosur Ph.D. Physical Chemistry 12-01-01 Stabilization of halophilic proteins: (2Fe-2S) ferredoxin from holobacterium salinarum as a paradigm
Nandkumar Raja S.N. Ganguli Ph.D. Physics 12-01-01 W-Mass Determination at the large electron postron collider, CERN
Anirban Sadhu S. Sharma M.Sc. Molecular Biology 12-01-01 Study of sugar Transport in Fission Yeast
Sayed Fawad Hassan Ashoke Sen Ph.D. Physics 12-07-01 Aspects of String Theory
Shrirang Shashikant Deshingkar P.S. Joshi Ph.D. Physics 12-11-01 Study of gravitational collapse in the Einsteins theory of gravity
Doyel Mitra M.M. Johri Ph.D. Molecular Biology 12-19-01 Characterisation of a calcium dependent protein kinase from the moss Funaria hygrometrics
S. Sen B.J. Rao Ph.D. Molecular Biology 12-26-01 Molecular Mechanisms of Genetic Recombination In E.coli and Chalamydomonas reinhardtil
Arpana R Aiyer K.S. Krishnan M.Sc. Molecular Biology 01-17-02 Genetic Studies on the development of chemosensory system of Drosophila
P.S. Subramanian R.K. Shyamasundar Ph.D. Computer Science 01-18-02 Application of category Theory to Computer Science
S. Venkatesh R.K. Shyamasundar Ph.D. Computer Science 01-18-02 Combinatorial Problems in Data structures
Sudeep Banerjee G. Ravindrakumar Ph.D. Physics 02-13-02 Emission and Excitation Processes in Intense and Superintense Laser Fields
Anwesh Mazumdar D. Narasimha Ph.D. Physics 02-25-02 Study of Large Scale Structures in the Universe
D.S. Gurumurthy V. Rodrigues Ph.D. Molecular Biology 03-02-02 Studies of particulate Phosphofructokinase and Autoregulation of Pyrwate decarboxylase genes in saccharomyces cerevisiae
Jacinta Seraphina D'souza M.M. Johri Ph.D. Molecular Biology 03-11-02 Studies on protein kinase(s) and cell differentation in the Moss Protonema.
Sanjay C Panchal R.V. Hosur Ph.D. Physical Chemistry 03-11-02 NMR investigations on proteins and nucleic acids: Structure, Function and Dynamics
Arun Paramekanti M Randeria Ph.D. Physics 03-26-02 Superconductivity in correlated systems
Rachel William Misquitta B.J. Rao M.Sc. Molecular Biology 04-02-02 Molecular Aspects of Genome changes in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
Swagato Banerjee Sunanda Banerjee Ph.D. Physics 04-10-02 QCD Studies at L3
G.S. Lakshmi kanth G. Krishnamoorthy Ph.D. Physical Chemistry 04-18-02 Protein Dynamics & Folding
Ira G. Krishnamoorthy Ph.D. Physical Chemistry 04-26-02 Fluoresence Dynamics of Biological Systems: in vitro and in vivo
Kallol Mukherjee P.C. Agrawal Ph.D. Physics 04-30-02 Timing studies of x-ray pulsars using detectors on board Indian x-ray Astronomy Experiment
Satyaki Bhattacharya S. Banerjee Ph.D. Physics 05-13-02 Search for Sealar Leptons using the L3 Detector
Chiranjib Mitra S.K. Dhar Ph.D. Physics 05-22-02 Study of Magnetism in some rare earth and transition metal based intermetallic compounds and oxides
Dhanisha J. Jhaveri V. Rodrigues Ph.D. Molecular Biology 06-25-02 Role of sensory neurons and glial cells in organising the antennal lobe of Drosophila malanogaster
Sukratu A Barve P.S. Joshi Ph.D. Physics 08-02-02 Gravitational Collapse
Priti Kailash Katrolia G.K. Jarori M.Sc. Molecular Biology 08-14-02 Odorant Binding Proteins
Anjali Anant Varne Rohit Mittal M.Sc. Molecular Biology 08-14-02 Downregulation of receptor Signaling Mechanism
Hanudatta S. Atreya G. Govil Ph.D. Physical Chemistry 08-27-02 New Methodologies in study of structure and dynamics of proteins
Tirtha Chakraborty S. Sharma Ph.D. Molecular Biology 08-29-02 Putative Immunoprotective Domains of Plasmodium and their Characterization
Alfica Sehgal S. Sharma Ph.D. Molecular Biology 08-29-02 Characterisation of novel surface determinants of the Malarial Parasite
Sunita Ramanathan K.V.R. Chary Ph.D. Physical Chemistry 09-02-02 New Methodologies to study the structure, interaction and function of Biomolecules
Sujata Rao K.S. Krishnan M.Sc. Molecular Biolgy 09-21-02 Study of synaptic mutation in Drosophila Melanogaster
Sarada H. Bulchand V. Rodrigues M.Sc. Molecular Biology 10-07-02 Regulation of neuronal identity in Cerebral Cortex
G.D. Pranab Sen R.K. Shyamasundar Ph.D. Computer Science 10-22-02 Algebraic Problems in computational complexity
Shampa Sarkar R. Pinto Ph.D. Physics 11-13-02 Vortex state studies in conventional and high Tc superconductors
Swati Prasad S. Mitra Ph.D. Physical Chemistry 11-14-02 Structural & Kinetic Studies on Metalloenzymes
Swati R Chavan V. Rodrigues M.Sc. Molecular Biology 11-20-02 Genetic characterization of Kinesinlike protein in Drosophila
Sayan Gupta S. Mazumdar Ph.D. Chemistry 12-16-02 Spectroscopic and Kinetic Studies on Bacterial Oxidases and other Metalloproteins
Amita A Joshi B.J. Rao Ph.D. Molecular Biology 12-20-02 Molecular Mechanisms of DNA mismatch repair
Sheetal Ajay Bhalerao V. Rodrigues M.Sc. Molecular Biology 12-26-02 Cellular and Molecular analysis of antennal lobe development in Drosophila Melanogaster
Anwar Aziz K.L. Narasimhan Ph.D. Physics 02-03-03 Optical and Electrical Properties of Molecular organic semiconductors
Saubhik Datta B.M. Arora Ph.D. Physics 02-03-03 Growth of III-V semiconductors and their optical and electrical investgations
Bahniman Ghosh Sunil Mukhi Ph.D. Physics 02-03-03 Non-perturbative methods in string theory and field theory
Dilip Pal S. Ramakrishnan Ph.D. Physics 02-03-03 Magnetic Phase Diagram in Type-II superconductors
Sunita T Pawar Rohit Mittal M.Sc. Molecular Biology 02-03-03 Structure function studies on GTP binding protein Dynamin
N.V. Suryanarayana Sunil Mukhi Ph.D. Physics 02-03-03 Strings, Branes and Geometry
A.S. Rama Koti N. Periasamy Ph.D. Physical Chemistry 03-11-03 Fluorescence spectroscopy and dynamics of organic molecules in complex systems
Md. Azizur Rahaman A. Gurtu Ph.D. Physics 04-23-03 Study of W properties at LEPZOO
Sanjib Sabhapandit D Dhar Ph.D. Physics 04-23-03 Avalanches in Driven systems
T. Kavitha S.K. Ghosh Ph.D. Computer Science 05-13-03 Computing visibility in the presence of obstacles and related problems
Gulabchand Dewangan K.P. Singh Ph.D. Physics 06-03-03 A Study of Active Galaxies with steep soft x-ray spectrum
Sachindranatha Naik P.C. Agrawal Ph.D. Physics 06-18-03 Temporal studies of x-ray binaries in IXAE
G.B. Mohanty Tariq Aziz Ph.D. Physics 08-18-03 Study of Z-Boson Pair Production and Search for Physics Beyond Standard Model at LEP-II
Supriya Jain N.K. Mondal Ph.D. Physics 09-02-03 Search for tt- Resonance In pp Collisions at --- = 1.8 TeV
Aditee Vyas V. Rodrigues M.Sc. Molecular Biology 09-03-03 Control of Cell Fate in the developing Mammalian Brain
Subhendu Seth K Vijayraghavan Ph.D. Molecular Biology 09-15-03 Design & Characterization of synthetic Ion channels
Praveen Taneja Pushan Ayyub Ph.D. Physics 09-15-03 Electronic, Optical and Structural Proprties of Nanocrystalline Metals and Semiconductors
J.K. Amisha Kamal D.V. Behere Ph.D. Physical Chemistry 09-22-03 Spectroscopic and Kinetic Studies on hemeproteins
Vinod Kumarappan D. Mathur Ph.D. Physics 10-17-03 Dynamics of Cluster Ionization and Dissociation
Charlton Manuel D'costa K.S. Krishnan M.Sc. Molecular Biology 10-27-03 Behavioural & Electrophysiological Investigations of Temperature Sensistive paralytic mutants in Drosophila Melanogaster
Neel S. Bhavesh R.V. Hosur Ph.D. Physical Chemistry 12-04-03 Biophysical Investigation on complex protein and Nucleic acid system
Parijat Sengupta Sudipta Maiti Ph.D. Physical Chemistry 12-29-03 Multiphoton Fluorescence Studies of Biomolecules
Brian Dias K.S. Krishnan M.Sc. Molecular Biology 01-03-04 Regulation of neurotrophic growth factor family through development & adulthood-molecular & cellular mechanisms
Kavita Jain M. Barma Ph.D. Physics 02-13-04 Studies of Non Equilibrium Statistical mechanical systems
K.P. Yogendran Gautam Mandal Ph.D. Physics 02-17-04 String theory, supergravity and gauge theories: A unified perspective
Pradip Dagadu Sherkhane V Rodrigues M.Sc. Molecular Biology 04-07-04 Analysis of Factors controlling development of identified sensory neurons in adult srosophila-malanogaster
Santhosh V Vadawale A.R. Rao Ph.D. Physics 04-27-04 Study of superluminal x-ray sources
Kundan Sengupta B.J. Rao Ph.D. Molecular Biology 06-02-04 Biochemical and Molecular Analyses of Genome Instabilities and Repair, with a Special Emphasis on human transline protein
P.S. Meenakshi Sanjay Wategaonkar Ph.D. Physical Chemistry 06-03-04 Time-of-flight mass spectrometric studies of hydrogen bonded & vander waals clusters
Pratik Majumdar P.R. Vishwanath Ph.D. Physics 06-16-04 An observational study of very high energy gamma rays from celestial sources
Savithri Nambeesan S. Sharma M.Sc. Molecular Biology 07-03-04 Characterization of ribosomol phosphoprotein Po and its Molecular interactions
Bipul Pal A.S. Vengurlekar Ph.D. Physics 07-05-04 Dynamics of Excitions in GaAs Quantum Wells Studied using Nonlinear Optical Measurements in the Coherent and Incoherent Regimes
Narayan Subramanian K.S. Krishnan M.Sc. Molecular Biology 07-05-04 Isolation and characterization of synaptic Mutants in Drosophila
P.P. Rajeev G. Ravindrakumar Ph.D. Physics 08-12-04 Intense, Femtosecond laser - Solid Interactions
Surjeet Singh S.K. Dhar Ph.D. Physics 08-24-04 Magnetic, thermal and transport studies in some Rare-Earth compounds
K. Aruna Samudravijay S. Sharma Ph.D. Molecular Biology 09-08-04 Molecular Analysis of Glycolytic Genes and novel proteins of yeast
Yashpal Singh L.C. Tribedi Ph.D. Physics 10-16-04 Heavy Ion Induced K-, L-, and m-shell ionization of high Z Elements in the Intermediate energy Range and the associated effects
Ritu Sarpal Rohit Mittal Ph.D. Molecular Biology 11-30-04 Role of kinesin II in Drosophila regulation of cargo-motor interaction and intracellular transport
Meenakshi D Mudiraj V. Rodrigues M.Sc. Molecular Biology 12-09-04 Behavioural correlates of drosophila mutants defective in the development of the olfactory pathway
Dhananjay Nandi E. Krishnakumar Ph.D. Physics 12-29-04 Study of Molecular dynamics by electron collisions
B.S. Nara Singh R.G. Pillay Ph.D. Physics 01-11-05 Spectroscopy of Nuclei in the Mass Region A=150
S.S. Jatiani Rohit Mittal Ph.D. Molecular Biology 02-15-05 The role of high molecular weight G-proteins in endocytosis
Manojendu Choudhury A.R. Rao Ph.D. Physics 03-01-05 Hard x-ray and gamma ray properties of cosmic sources
Indu Malhotra S Sharma Ph.D. Molecular Biology 03-29-05 Immunological characterization of certain malarial epitopes in indian and kenyan population
A.S. Sandhu G Ravindrakumar Ph.D. Physics 05-05-05 Ultrashort - High intensity laser matter interaction studies
S. Lakshmi H.C. Jain Ph.D. Physics 06-04-05 Structure of High Spin States in A~ 130 region
Vasundhara M. Navadgi B.J. Rao Ph.D Molecular Biology 08-05-05 Molecular Mechanisms of Genetic instability and repair
Suresh Shantaram Chandvankar B.M. Arora Ph.D. Physics 10-06-05 Investigations of Multilayered III-V compound structures grown by liquid phase epitaxy
Rahul Jain R.K. Shyamasundar Ph.D. Computer Sciences 10-06-05 Information Theoritic Problems in Computational Complexity Theory
A.K. Sen V. Rodrigues Ph.D. Molecular Biology 10-06-05 Mechanisms directing cell fate choice in the drosophila olfctory system
J.V. Aghav R.K. Shyamasundar Ph.D. Computer Science 10-15-05 System Verification
Yogesh Singh S. Ramakrishnan Ph.D. Physics 10-15-05 Interplay between Superconductivity, Magnetic Order and Charge Density Wave in selected RE (rare earth) based compounds
Subhashini Srinivasan V Rodrigues M.Sc. Molecular Biology 12-06-05 Development of the Larval Olfactory LOBE in Drosophila and its role in paiterning the adult brain
Umesh Kadhane L.C. Tribedi Ph.D. Physics 05-31-06 Study of Atomic Collision Processes in clusters & solids
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